VIC-20 Low Cost Multi-Cart / Development Cart

Play Multiple Games On a Single VIC-20 Cartridge



I designed this project after I recently dug my Commodore VIC-20 out of storage.  Some of my game cartridges needed much cleaning, and even after that, some didn't work anymore.  The Multicart was developed so that multiple games could be played on a single cartridge.  The VIC-20 had many excellent arcade games like Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Frogger, Dig Dug, ...ect.  This cartridge combines 32 of the best VIC-20 arcade games on one cartridge.  Click here for the list of included games.  The games are selected by setting 5 small switches.

 The eprom, which holds the games, resides in a socket.  So a different set of 32 games can be created by burning a new eprom.  This gives the user the ability to create a custom compilation of favorite games (as long as you have access to an eprom programmer).  Also, if you create homebrew games, you can load those onto an eprom and play your games from cartridge.

 The decoding chip is also socketed, so it may be removed.  Also there is a prototyping (breadboarding) area on the board.  This is so that if the user wants to develop his own decoding circuitry, it can be added to the cartridge.  There is a testpoint available for each of the 44 edge pins, so the user has access to every signal, for development.

 Of course, the development area is optional.  The cartridge is 100% functional as it is mailed out.  Just plug it into the cartridge slot of the VIC-20, and you can play the 32 pre-loaded games.

I now have a second set of 32 pre-loaded games available.  This second set is comprised of more Commodore-specific games, as opposed to the arcade-heavy game selection of the first game set.  Click here for the list of included games in set two.  If you would like to order a cartridge with this new game set, just include a note with payment, stating that you would like game Set 2.



 As of October 10, 2015, I have plenty of boards left over from my original order.  If anyone is interested in purchasing a MultiCart, I am selling them for $30 each plus shipping ($7 if in the USA).  You can also order a bare PCB (with no components soldered on) for $15 plus shipping.  Please email me to check availability, or ask any questions.