Build Information

The schematics for the Hucard are here:  Schematic Sheet 1 and Schematic Sheet 2.

The PCB gerber files (manufacturing files) are here:  PCB Gerbers.

The Bill of Materials for the parts you will need to order is here:  Bill Of Materials.

All these files are for V2.0 of the PCB.  There are no modifications required, after the board is built.  The reset lines have been fixed from the V1.1 board, and you can populate the reset switch if you wish.  

I have sold the last of my pre-programmed microcontrollers (PIC16F1526-I/PT), so you will require a PIC programmer to load the hex file.  The HEX file can be downloaded here:  PIC HEX File.

All other parts may be purchased through Digi-Key or Mouser.

The PCB may be made at any PCB manufacturing house, using the PCB gerber files above.  When I built the V1.1 batches of boards, I specified a PCB thickness of .093".  This generally worked well, however, I have found that there are fairly wide tolerances on PCB thickness.  It can be 20% to 25% variation on the PCB thickness.  I found that some of the PCBs that I received were too thick to fit in the HuCard slot.  So, I highly recommend making the PCBs with the standard thickness of .062".  Then adhere some type of plastic sheet material to the bottom of the PCB, to make the correct overall thickness.  This way if you get PCBs that have varying thickness, you can use varying thicknesses of plastic sheet to achieve the correct overall thickness.