Bluetooth DataLink Now Available!


In addition to offering the USB DataLink, there is currently a Bluetooth version available.  The Bluetooth DataLink is a circuit board, with no plastic enclosure, that you can connect to the ARP cartridge connector, and leave it always plugged in.  It is powered from a 9V battery, and has a small On/Off switch.  You will need to have Bluetooth capability (either built-in or an external adapter) on your Laptop or PC, in order to use the Bluetooth DataLink.  Here is a low cost bluetooth adapter available on Amazon, that I have used successfully with an old WIN XP laptop:  BLUETOOTH ADAPTER.  At minimum, the Bluetooth adapter needs to support Bluetooth V2.0 +EDR.  I highly recommend purchasing an adapter supporting Bluetooth V3.0 or V4.0, similar to the adapter in my link.

The Bluetooth DataLink functions identically to the USB version of the DataLink.  It plugs into the same 25-pin Communication connector on the ARP cartridge, that the USB DataLink connects to.  The difference is that instead of connecting the DataLink to a PC using a USB cable, the connection to the PC is wireless, using Bluetooth.  This may be convenient to people who don't have a PC located near their Saturn, and a USB cable is too short to connect them.  Or maybe you just want to go cable-free so that you have less cables to trip over.

The Bluetooth DataLink transfer speed is the same as the current USB (Red LED) version.  It takes approximately 8 seconds to transfer the gamesaves.  Downloading a 640Kbyte homebrew game takes approximately 50 seconds.  The Bluetooth range should extend to a maximum of approximately 30 feet.

If anyone has an interest in the Bluetooth version DataLink, you can send me an email.  The cost is the same ($55) as the current USB DataLink.  I am now selling both the USB DataLink and Bluetooth DataLink through the website  This allows a low cost way of accepting credit card payment.

There is some additional information on the DataLink devices, including the "Bluetooth Setup Guide" on the Software page.


Design / Test History:

11/29/2014 - I have completed testing, and I will now offer the Bluetooth DataLink for sale.  I was able to keep the cost ($55) the same as the current USB DataLink.  I have been able to achieve speeds that match the current (Red LED) USB DataLink.  Below is a photo of the production board.


10/18/2014 - Testing update.  I have assembled one of the prototype boards, and have been able to successfully transfer data at low speed!  From here I will continue testing, and try to optomize the transfer speed.


10/15/2014 - Quick update.  I have made a couple prototype circuit boards, that I can do initial testing on.  Hopefully, within the next few weeks, I will have one built up so that I can run some tests.