Sega Saturn - USB DataLink

Software Updates



** Update 11/29/2014 - After requests for a wireless solution, I am now offering a Bluetooth version of the DataLink.  I have released a new version of PC software (V2.0.0) in order to support the new device.  The new V2.0.0 software currently only supports the Bluetooth DataLink.


Software Downloads

You can download the most recent version of the Windows application here.   
Saturn_DataLink V2.0.0 11/15/14 This is the install CD for V2.0.0.  This software currently only supports the Bluetooth DataLink.
Saturn_USB V1.1.3 11/1/15 This is the install CD for V1.13.  A usb Test Mode has been added, under the File menu.  This can be useful in troubleshooting communication problems.  Also, COM1 through COM16 are now supported.

**To use this software, you must have the Red LED version of the DataLink.  If you purchased your DataLink before Feb. 8, 2009, this software will not operate without a hardware/firmware update.  If you have a previous DataLink hardware (with green LED), I can update it for you, just email me.

Saturn_USB V1.0.4 12/15/07 This is the install CD for V1.0.4.  The ability to load Homebrew games to specific memory locations has been added. Use only with older DataLinks, that have a GREEN led.

 Right-click on the filename and select Save As.

** Windows Vista, Windows 7 (and newer) users, please note that I have tested the DataLink software on these operating systems and it has worked correctly.  However, there have been some issues from people having problems finding their files (gamesaves, ect) on their harddrive.  This can occur if you do not have write permissions for the "c:\program files\Saturn_Usb" folder.  If you are having this trouble, here are the steps to take.  


Documentation Downloads

Click here for the most current Install Guide / User Manual, which covers all functions of the PC software.

Click here for the Bluetooth Setup Guide.

Click here for the V1.1.0 DataLink protocol specification.  This may be used if a user wants to write his own PC software to interface to the DataLink.  This specification is for the USB DataLink with Red LED.  It can be used for the original USB DataLink (Green LED), with the following changes:  1) Baud Rate = 288Kbit/s  2) Packet Size has a maximum value of 86 (instead of 198).  3) Data Length has a maximum value of 79 (instead of 191).