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Here, I have placed some sample Sega Saturn Game-Save files.  Each game-save file contains data for multiple games.  I will add to the list as I complete games.

Sega Saturn Game-Save Files
Assault Suit Leynos 2 Game completed on normal mode.  Begin 1st mission on hard mode.
Burning Rangers All 4 missions unlocked !
Christmas Nights Sonic unlocked!
CROC Start at the beginning of the third world.
Dark Savior 2nd Parallel complete.
Dracula X The first castle is completed, and the game is saved before the boss fight.
Dragon Force Completed with Junon.   All 8 territories now available for selection. 
Duke Nukem Saved at final level.
G-Vector All levels unlocked !
Jung Rhythm All 6 levels unlocked !
Legend Of Oasis All 3 cubes collected!  Also, a save right before the final battle with Agito.
Megaman 8 All stages unlocked !
Metal Slug All 6 levels unlocked !
Mr. Bones All levels unlocked !
Nights All levels unlocked !
Ninpen Manmaru Levels 1 - 4 completed
PowerSlave All mystic items collected, all Transmitter parts collected, and access to all areas !
Princess Crown Main quest completed.  Side quests are unlocked.
Resident Evil Completed with Chris.  Battle Mode unlocked!
Sengoku Blade Secret characters unlocked!  Highlight the random select, then press UP once (for Marion) or twice (for Shine Ayn).
Shining Force 3 Shining Force III Scenario 1 complete.  Use this file if starting the Scenario 2 Disk.
Shining Force 3 Shining Force III Scenario 2 complete.  Use this file if starting the Scenario 3 Disk.
Sky Target
Tomb Raider All levels unlocked!  You will start each level with plenty of Medkits & Firepower.
Vampire Savior Highlight Options.  Hold the Right & Left shoulder buttons, then press Start.  You will now be able to select ENGLISH texts !