Sega Saturn - USB DataLink

Build It Yourself



This is a kit option for people wanting to build this circuit board on their own.  The kit will consist of the following parts:


***The kit option is now available!  please email me if interested.

This option is for those who want to save a few bucks and build the DataLink themselves.  The included Parts List will give part numbers and web links where the required components may be purchased.  Of course, you can feel free to bargain hunt and try to find the components from a cheaper distributor.  All components are thru-hole devices (DIP packages) for the original thru-hole pcb.  There is also a new surface mount pcb available, if you are capable of soldering surface mount devices.    

To assemble the kit will obviously require some soldering skills.  Also, I will not be able to offer troubleshooting support to anyone who builds this on their own, as I will not be able to verify if it was built correctly.  I will not be responsible for any damage caused to your circuit board, ARP cartridge, or Sega Saturn, due to mistakes/misuse.  For the plastic enclosure, I will include the part number for the one that I use.  However, major modifications need to be performed on the enclosure before it may be used.  I use a dremel tool and a drill to do the modifications.  The DataLink device may be used without the enclosure, so if you don't have the tools, or feel uncomfortable modifying a plastic abs box, I recommend you don't purchase the enclosure and use the device without one.  The cost for the kit will be $15 plus shipping.

The parts cost of the surface mount pcb is lower than the thru-hole pcb.  So if you can solder surface mount components, that kit will be the least expensive to build.  Don't expect to save a lot of money by using the "Build It Yourself" option, though.  Between parts and shipping, you will spend almost as much as buying a completely assembled DataLink.  This is primarily for people who enjoy this type of circuit board assembly work.

** The new surface mount kit is now available.  This consists of a smaller pcb, with all ICs being in surface mount packages (the smallest pin pitch is 0.65mm).  The advantages are a smaller physical size for the circuit board assembly, and also a reduced cost for the required components.  You will have to have surface mount assembly skill to build this kit.  This kit, like the larger thru-hole kit, will cost $15. 


Assembled DataLink PCB (Thru-hole version)


Assembled DataLink PCB (Surface mount version)